Alternative Building Technology: Unlocking the potential of housing sector through efficient housing delivery system (July 2015)

Statement of the problem

Given the cost at which houses are delivered and poor accessibility to mortgage loans, the low income earners who occupy the base of the pyramid are at the receiving end of the existing huge housing deficit in Nigeria.  How can Alternative Building Technologies provide building solutions that can increase delivery of sustainable and affordable housing?

Reframing the Problem

  • What are the strategic objectives of adopting Alternative Building Technologies (ABTs)?
  • What are the barriers to embracing Alternative Building Technologies in Nigeria?
  • What inputs will be needed to facilitate its acceptance by the end users?
  • What are the challenges that are preventing large scale use of ABTs?
  • What nature of capacity building would be needed to facilitate its use, and for which professionals?

Breaking the barriers

This seminar will provide participants with insights that will engender concrete discussions on how to break the barriers hindering the adoption of ABTs in driving efficient housing delivery in Nigeria by:

  • Raising the awareness and building capacity of local contractor and developers
  • Providing adequate information  about the technology
  • Beating the backlog of affordable housing provision
  • Changing skeptical end-user’s perceptions

Seminar Objectives:

  • To discuss the extent to which alternative building technologies could provide solutions in increasing delivery of sustainable housing provision at a reduced cost.
  • To provide both public and private sector participants with practical insights into ABTs
  • To give investors a platform (through exhibitions) to sensitize the market on various building innovations in the housing sector.
  • To create opportunity for local and foreign investors to relate with prospective market through seminar presentations and business networking.

Who should attend?

Developers, Mortgage Bankers, Secondary Capital Market Operators, Federal and State Institutions on Housing and Urban Development, Consultants, Contractors, Financial Advisers, Legal Officers, Commercial and Investment Bankers, Construction Companies, Housing Policy and Regulatory Institutions, Private-Public Partnership Department and Business Executives or individuals with vested interest in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

For further information about the programme, sponsorship details and registration, kindly contact the undersigned. Mise Olakunmi – 08138556060,