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Alternative Building Technology: Unlocking the potential of housing sector through efficient housing delivery system (July 2015)

Statement of the problem Given the cost at which houses are delivered and poor accessibility to mortgage loans, the low income earners who occupy the base of the pyramid are at the receiving end of the existing huge housing deficit in Nigeria.  How can Alternative Building Technologies provide building solutions that can increase delivery of […]

International Study Visit (CHINA) – Sept. 2015

Why China Study Visit? For over a decade ago now, China’s economy has been leaning significantly on the real estate industry because of the rising income among the middle class, the break neck growth of China’s economy and its attendant demand by many Chinese to upgrade their housing on the one hand and growing urbanization […]

International Real Estate & Housing Finance study Visit to USA – April 2015

Overview Pison Housing Company is organizing a study visit to USA. Pison Housing Company organizes periodic international study visits to countries that have successfully made huge strides in the provision of affordable housing to their citizens so that participants can learn and adapt those frameworks, models, strategies and case studies of failed and successful approaches […]