Globally the infrastructure and structure of housing has been transforming rapidly, and many transition and emerging countries who have adapted to the changing trend have enjoyed tremendous benefits. The housing finance and mortgage market remains highly under-developed and untapped in Nigeria, both at the level of mortgage products available to the citizens and at the level of mortgage funding instruments and financing structures. In more developed markets, borrowers are faced with a full range of mortgage products.

Global developments on the funding side indicates the ability of the mortgage capital market to innovate and find ways to win over the existing regulatory and legal challenges to create capital flow for funding mortgages. Fostering the development of the housing and mortgage finance markets within the Nigerian financial sector is becoming a priority for all concerned.

Already in the Nigerian real estate and mortgage sector, several new dynamics are converging to transform the way professional real estate developers and investors must operate to achieve financial goals and increase the bottom line consistently. Capital markets are opening up, providing an attractive alternative to traditional private funding. Entrants of new global real estate players and current trends in design and planning financial models are offering new opportunities for growth. At the same time, tapping the new capital structures and innovative financing structures in the market imposes new and extensive technical challenges.

In view of the above, there is need to learn how other markets like Mexico, India, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia have developed and emerged. Starting from an underdeveloped primary market to a robust secondary market and attracting huge foreign investments.

Our study visit is expected to open up to participants; strategies, models, innovations, case studies of failed and successful approaches, new policies, techniques of housing appraisal, tools for housing finance. Below contain details and information about our study visit to various locations, avail yourself of the final reports and supporting photography.

India (2007): Pison’s study visit to India in 2007 included participants from the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and one of Nigeria’s leading Primary Mortgage Institutions, Aso Savings & Loans Plc.

Thailand (2008): The study visit to Thailand in 2008 took some of the directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to several housing institutions in Thailand. Another leading player in Nigeria’s Primary Mortgage sector, Refuge Homes Savings & Loans also had participants on this study visit.Click here to see pictures

Mexico (2009): In 2009, Mexico hosted participants two times in the course of the year. The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) and the Managing Director of the Federal Housing Authority and his team were part of the study visit group. Other participants in the 2009 Mexico study visit included members of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Nigeria’s Top leading private developers, including CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co…Click here to view pictures..

Malaysia: The choice of Malaysia for this study visit is to explore the housing finance and real estate sector in Malaysia. Participants on this study visit will learn how Malaysia succeeded in harnessing the public private partnership (PPP) for affordable housing. download report

Singapore: The study visit to singapore in 2010 was aimed at exposing the economy of Singapore is a highly developed state capitalist mixed economy. While government intervention in the market is kept at a minimum, the state controls and owns firms that comprise at least 60% of the report

USA: Delegates on this program to the United States will have the opportunity to achieve their potentials and improve on the lack of access to housing and finance as well as the relatively high cost which hampers growth and limits opportunities for the Nigerian housing sector. download study visit brochure


The 2014 international real estate & housing finance study visit centered on affording housing, mortgage structuring and infrastructural support for development of mass housing. The program had a number of senior level staff of Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria and other private developers. The study visit was an eye opener for participants seeing the massive government commitment to the provision of affordable housing to the low income earning Brazilians through a problem-solving approach of My House My Life scheme, and visits to several other institutions. Apart from the intellectual based meetings with the hosting institutions, participants were also conducted to various development sites to have a view of building technologies deployed to enhance building efficiency.


The IHFW is a forum for the exchange of views, ideas and information by dignitaries, stakeholders and key players in the housing and housing finance sector. It provides a unique opportunity for participants and speakers from local and international scenes to rub minds on major issues pertaining to the real estate finance industry. In the past, conclusions drawn from previous conferences have been directed at delivering international models that can be adjusted to address the peculiar needs of the local market in Nigeria. Click here to learn more…


Pison designed training program which bring participants up to date with the changes and opportunities in the Nigerian and Sub-Saharan Real Estate and Housing Finance markets.

Globally, the infrastructure of the housing industry is changing Countries that have embraced these changes are enjoying impressive benefits. Families are realizing their dreams of affordable housing. Market expansion is creating jobs for more citizens. Those attracted to international real estate markets are seeing healthy returns on their investments.

Our trainings include the yearly ‘Real Estate Market Review and Projections’, ‘African Real Estate and Housing and Finance Academy’ (AREHF) and ‘International Housing Finance Workshop’ (IHFW)