Real Estate Market Review and Projections – February 26th, 2015

The continuous fall of global oil price and its impact on the Nigerian economy is leaving much to be feared regarding real estate investment in 2015. Therefore, every business-minded investor is keen to watch the tide carefully before making a financial plunge. The programme provided information that served as business guide for real estate investors, financial institutions, mortgage banks and other key players especially in this uncertain time. In addition, the 2015 edition of this programme included an appraisal of historical market outlook vis-à-vis market trends and other dynamics that enhanced business development decisions of the participating organizations whilst also setting a stage for brainstorming discussions towards the development in the Nigeria real estate market. The speakers of the event included; Jide Alade, MD, Structurucasa International LLC; Roland Igbinoba, MD, FHA Mortgage Bank; Rotimi Akinlose, MD, Residential Auctions Company; and Arinze Adigwe, Homebase Mortgage Bank Ltd

Participants also included representatives of:  Stellarvera, Bolton Capital, Huddersfield Property Limited, Sapient Vendors Limited, Keynes Ventures Limited, Hermida Group, Lincbrol Interbiz Concept Ltd, Ibukun Efuntayo & Co, Bullnet, Citiprops Ltd, Castor, The Branch, Osbu Systems Ltd.

The learning outcome of this event did not only position the attendees to make right business decisions, but also built their much needed capacity to navigate through the current economic waters with optimal profitability.