Real Estate Market Review and Projections(REMRP 2016)

Real Estate Market Review and Projections(REMRP 2016) is an annual programme of Pison Housing Company that usually gathers the industry players in the real estate and finance sector to discuss and interpret the market trends and dynamics. This programme provides our delegates a unique opportunity to review the latest movements in the property market as well as the make predictions for 2016. It also serves as a forum where initiatives and strategies to drive the Nigerian real estate forward are charted.

Use this opportunity to explore the potentials of the real estate market and discover the meaning of market success for real estate which we will be discussing in this seminar. The seminar is interactive providing room for debates and group discussions and opportunities for key sector players to network and the opportunity to assess the applicability of the key value propositions for the real estate market to be delivered at the end of the seminar. We will examine market developments across residential and commercial properties, delve into practical investment strategies, measure consumer confidence and relate economic events to property price movements. This event will touch on critical topics such as the impact of crude oil prices and dollar appreciation on the property market, the outlook for commercial and residential properties, the retail and hospitality segment, managing risks in real estate investment and many more. Presentations are informative and include summaries of research findings, market briefs and solid statistical data providing insight and transparency to the Nigerian property market. At the end of this event, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the business cycle around property market, how the economy affects it and ways to reduce financial risks.


The 2016 Real Estate Market Review delegates will have the chance to attend, visit and participate in:

  • Parallel sessions presenting public and private sector experts who will share case studies, new projects, and insights needed to move forward in the real estate sector in Nigeria.
  • The ‘Invest in Real Estate Space’ where real estate developers will showcase their current opportunities and answer specific questions regarding their business.
  • The B2B ‘Meeting Space’ to secure important meetings with public and private sector decision-makers;
  • A large array of executive-level impromptu networking occasions at the venue’s salons, as well as during coffee breaks, and lunches.

This year’s programme will gather sector stakeholders including real estate developers, financial institutions, real estate research and consultancy services, economic analysts, financial advisory services firms, new investors and government agencies. Potential investors will be able to visualize the opportunities in residential and commercial properties and understand the business cycle around property investment and make smart decisions.


For further enquiries about this event, registration procedure, information on this event,

please reply to this Email or Call: 08105342058, 08188163166



Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos

March 22,2016

8:30 AM


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