Pison Housing’s Back-End Mortgage Process Solutions (MPS™)

Why Not…

  • Bring down costs
  • Reduce employee time invested in managing processes
  • Improve time frames
  • Increase profits
  • Free up your staff’s time to focus on billable hours
  • Enable your workforce to concentrate on your mortgage products
  • Improve the turn around time for your customers

Mortgage Processing Solutions (MPS™)

As the mortgage and housing finance market in Nigeria continues to grow, mortgage institutions and banks must constantly improve efficiencies and reduced costs in all areas of their business operations to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profits.

They must also remain flexible in the face of a rapidly changing interest rate environment and resulting fluctuations in volume.

Through its state-of-the-art delivery infrastructure, PISON Housing Company offers Mortgage Process Solutions (MPS™) for a wide range of back-office processes in all areas of mortgage brokering to support retail banking business strategies, and to help them achieve increased productivity and reduced costs throughout the mortgage processing cycle.

“Pison combines its industry-leading insights with unparalleled customer service and professional services, making PISON MPS™ the smart choice.”

Values & Benefits

Globally, mortgage industry analysis shows that up to half of mortgage operation costs are related to time and personnel. By taking advantage of the Pison’s MPS™ product, you will achieve:

  • Comparable process cost savings of 45 to 55 percent
  • Long-term savings up to 70 percent or more with task efficiency improvements
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased profitability
  • A stronger competitive advantage
  • Increased turnaround time

Pison Housing is your trusted business partner

Enjoy all the benefits of a world-class delivery system without the risks inherent in traditional outsourcing engagements. By combining deep mortgage industry expertise, and domain best practices

PISON Housing Company is the business partner you can trust to ensure the success of your mortgage operations and objectives.

Our cutting-edge mortgage process solutions are driven by our talented people and empowered by technology. The technology is designed to streamline your processes, save you time, and – most importantly – money. In an emerging mortgage banking industry such as Nigeria’s, success depends on having a compelling turnaround time and a competitive advantage.

PISON MPS™ delivers that competitive advantage through a comprehensive processing system that manages and automates your mortgage brokerage functions, optimizing efficiencies and reducing costs. PISON MPS™ will fundamentally re-engineer and streamline your mortgage processes.

“Why hire, train, and retain additional personnel for your mortgage business, when MPS™ can provide you with all your processing requirements?.”

Leading the industry

Pison’s competitive advantage is demonstrated by our involvement in the most complex and exciting housing and real estate finance projects in Nigeria. PISON MPS™ will provide the back-office for your brokerage functions putting into practice, as always, our spirit of can do and experience. Our commitment, experience and resources ensure you have the competitive advantage in the mortgage arena. 

PISON MPS™ core strategy

Pison offers a comprehensive, functionally integrated system to support all mortgage processing solutions’ functions. PISON MPS™ delivers the resources and tools that support your mortgage banking objectives.

The integration of all brokerage functions in the PISON MPS™ solution creates a seamless and efficient system, incorporating workflow, service and rules-based tools.

Pison Housing Company is the pioneer of mortgage processing solutions to the real estate and financial services industries in Nigeria. Our services enable clients to focus on their core business while outsourcing complex analytics, and support services to a highly skilled and cost effective partner.

“Our experience delivers a business model with unprecedented speed, scale and savings for our clients.”


By combining our industry expertise, proven process methodology and highly trained professional team, we are able to deliver significant efficiency gains, quality improvements, and cost savings to our clients. As with any business, experience counts. We believe that our real estate and financial services industry focus, proven track record in the industry distinguishes us as a service provider of choice.

PISON MPS™ opportunities focus on both the financial domain and brokerage (pre-qualification) components of mortgaging. Our professional team has in-depth knowledge on the Nigerian mortgage industry and provides these services:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Document abstraction
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Web-based research and documentation
  • Assessment of the borrower’s circumstances. This may include assessment of credit worthiness and affordability (verified by income documentation).
  • Assessing the client to find a mortgage product that fits the client’s needs with the bank.
  • Processing lenders agreement in principle (pre-approval).
  • Gathering all needed documents (pay slips, bank statements, etc.)
  • Completing a lender’s application form.
  • Explaining the legal disclosures as it concerns the mortgage to the client.
  • Submitting all materials to the lender

Common Mortgage Options

PISON’s MPS™ model will also assist in qualifying applications into domain mortgage options that best fits their affordability. Our prequalification standards fit the following common mortgage options:

1. Shorter Term Mortgage

  • Faster building equity 
  • Less interest to pay
  • Lower interest rate
  • Larger monthly payment

2. Longer Term Mortgage

  • Higher interest rate
  • Slower building equity
  • Lower monthly payment

3. Fixed-Rate Mortgage

  • Interest rate stays the same for the term of the loan
  • Interest rate could go down or up while you are locked into your mortgage at a rate higher or lower than current market rateent

4. Variable Rate

  • Interest rate can increase or decrease during the term of the loan
  • Interest rate may be low for an initial period
  • Monthly payments can be lower than comparable fixed rate loan


MPS™ qualifying approach

Our approach analyses the following elements while qualifying a borrower for a mortgage loan:


  • Full-time, part-time or overtime employment, including:
  •  Entrepreneurs (self-employment)
  • Salaried employment
  • Seasonal employment
  • Bonus, commissions, dividends
  • Other (stocks, pensions, retirement benefits)


  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Gifts (from relatives)
  • Money from sale of assets (stocks, bonds, etc)  


  • Payments on time (issue of returned cheques, account activity, etc)
  • Slow or late payments
  • Excessive obligations (checking of gearing and leveraged level)


  •  Installment loans and leases (auto, personal, housing rent)
  • Revolving lines of credit
  •  Payroll deductions


  • The underlying assets establish a value of the property (asset) based on recent sales of similar houses within the area
  • As part of its valuation, the nominated Valuer includes a description of the house and the neighbourhood
  • On the basis of the MPS™ model determines the maximum loan amount

Other factors we consider:

  • Size of down payment
  • The rate and term of the loan
  • The amount of closing cost
  • The annual real estate taxes, if applicable

Required documentation

1. MPS™ Documentation Required – Employee Category 

  • Pay slips for the last 12 months 
  • Personal tax returns with all schedules for last 3 years 
  • Bank or investment statements for past 6 months 
  • Information about assets and long-term debts 
  • Credit worthiness evidence 
  • Personal identification information

2. MPS™ Documentation Required – Entrepreneur Category

  • Credit worthiness evidence – cash flow and balance sheet 
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Business name registration
  • Bank account statements

3. MPS™ Documentation Required – Corporate Category 

  • Certificate of Incorporation 
  • Cash flow and Balance Sheet, and statement of income 
  • Bank account statements