International Study Visit (CHINA) – Sept. 2015

Why China Study Visit?

For over a decade ago now, China’s economy has been leaning significantly on the real estate industry because of the rising income among the middle class, the break neck growth of China’s economy and its attendant demand by many Chinese to upgrade their housing on the one hand and growing urbanization that have increased demand for housing in the past two decades on the other hand. These two factors combined with the fact that Chinese have recognized the potential of the real estate market as an investment hub over the last decade, especially in high end real estate, have helped drive the boom in China’s real estate market.

With the world’s largest population of 1.3 billion people, the real GDP growth averaged over 9% for the past two decades, and an aggressive agenda of economic liberalization, asset privatization, market transformation, and global integration, China has progressed into the center stage of the global financial market and is positioned to be the world’s second-largest economy. Consequently, China’s real estate investment which accounted for 15% of China’s gross domestic product in 2013, rose significantly to 19.8 last year, compared with 16.2 percent in 2012. Similarly, in 2001 investment in real estate totaled RMB624.5 billion and 17% of aggregate fixed asset investment. This amount and percentage rose to RMB71.8 trillion and 25.3% respectively 2012, making China the real estate goldmine for investors and capacity builders alike.

Learning Outcomes

Participants on this study visit will learn how China has succeeded in harnessing the public private partnership (PPP) and the growing strength of its economy for affordable housing delivery. The study visit aims to explore new strategies, new policies, new innovations, case studies of failed and successful approaches, etc. that have engendered the rapid development of China real estate and housing finance sector.

Moreover, the campaign for the adoption of Alternative Building Technologies (ABTs) is rife, with the intent of improving the efficiency of construction and in the long run, reduce the general cost of housing, the application of green recycled materials and utilization of composite materials among others. This study visit will also expose participants to the enormous strides China real estate is making in that direction.

Study Visit Programme Features

  • Mortgage Lending In China
  • Real Estate Policy and Implementation
  •  Real Estate Development and Finance
  • China’s Secondary Market Structure
  •  Liquidity/Project Financing Institutions China Real Estate Developers’ contributions to the provision of affordable housing
  •  Social Housing Structures
  •  Infrastructure Financing Model
  •  Mass Housing Delivery Mechanism etc.
  • Building technologies
  •  Building materials & Processing
  •  Alternative Building Technologies

For further information about the programme, sponsorship details and registration, kindly contact the undersigned. Mise Olakunmi – 08138556060,