Real Estate Investment Banking

  • Mass Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Building Technologies
  • High Rise Apartments
  • Slum Redevelopment/Urban Renewal
  • Business Parks
  • Office Complexes
  • Ultra Modern Markets
Hospitality & Tourism
  • Hotels
  • Retail Outlets/Shopping Malls
  • Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Restaurants
  • International Study Visit
  • International Housing Finance Workshop (IHFW)
  • In House Training
Research & Market Study
  • Business Plans
  • Primary Data Collection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Secondary Data Review/Analysis

Real estate investment banking, housing finance advisory and consultancy services to banks and non-banks financial institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and abroad.

  • Proven hands-on experience in the development of both primary and secondary market financing instruments.
  • State-of-the-art technology, building capacity and training regarding development of emerging real estate and housing finance sector.
  • Advice on commercial real estate and housing finance structures that will establish relationships with Sub – Saharan and multi-national banks to gain access to funding facilities.
  • Assistance in creating new real estate investment banking and housing finance institutions and strengthening existing ones.
  • Housing policies and market research.
  • Mortgage Operations & Brokerage Services

Mortgage Operations & Brokerage Services

  • We can assist in designing and implementing viable housing finance mechanisms that will strengthen market share in the mortgage/real estate industry
  • We offer a wide array of advisory services ranging from feasibility studies, market analysis to strategic planning, policy development, and capacity building. We can help you design, implement, and evaluate mortgage business strategies. We can also help prospective investors and housing/mortgage business capitalize and build new housing and mortgage institutions. We will take you through the set up, operations, and management of the mortgage business. Our core building services covers mortgage financing structure, origination, servicing, risk management, credit risk assessment, appraisals, and mortgage insurance.
  • We will provide training on how to successfully originate, disburse loans, and manage mortgage portfolios. We will also work with you to develop new business and subsidiaries springing up from your mortgage transactions. Our role will include, but will not be limited to, business plans and proposals that will take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the mortgage sector.
  • We can assist in carrying out studies for institutions to access potential customers’ behaviour towards a new housing product.
  • We are positioned to advise on liquidity facility that will refinance primary market transactions and loans originated. Our partnership and collaboration with international institutions can advice, enhance, and secure secondary mortgage facility if the conditions for such transactions exist.

Housing Finance Skills

  • Financial Acumen – Pison Housing Company expertise in housing finance and business strategy attracts clients from both sides of the negotiating table. Our financial modelling will identify undervalued assets and innovative value-unlocking structures, developing and analyzing strategic business plans, preparing financial forecasts, formulating restructuring alternatives, and utilizing innovative approaches that are appealing to investors to efficiently close the deal
  • Negotiating Strength – Pison Housing Company has an outstanding record of harmonizing disparate and multi-disciplinary professional parties together in multi-party negotiations. Our experience and innovativeness will enable us to negotiate and drive the total cost of closing deals to a reasonable fee. We have demonstrated this feat in a large complex syndication / club deal of over a US$100 Million in a recent real estate transaction.
  • Capital Raising – We maintain strong relationships with financial and real estate investors. We are committed to bringing this relationship and experience on the table for all our clients. Our financial modelling and service delivery, while satisfying our local investors, will also be tilted towards international best practice that will attract these categories of investors.
  • Peculiar Perspectives – Our knowledge in housing finance businesses spans across just being advisors. Our understanding of real estate finance especially in the Nigerian context puts us in a vantage position to identify value creating transactions that may not be obvious to others.
  • Understanding Tax and Legal Issues – Pison Housing Company as a firm has the basic understanding of legal and tax issues as it concerns real estate finance structures. Our in-house tax and legal professionals provides needed advice as and when necessary. However we have strong alliances and affiliations with local and international commercial law firms that we are able to bring on the team for complex local and cross border real estate finance transactions.

Our Approach to Assignments:

  • Early to Rise Up to the Task – Getting in early into the transaction increases flexibility of structuring. For most effective design, packaging and structuring efforts, Pison Housing Company is actively involved in the real estate financing processes.
  • Swift Resolution – Pison Housing Company goal is to drive the structuring of the real estate transaction to a quick close having first gathered, analyzed the essential details and bringing all other relevant parties together. In our experience Sponsors that move quickly and decisively have the greatest control over any financial structure. Our expertise in all asset class of housing finance instruments allows us drill down quickly to key issues and present management and offshore Lead Financial Advisers with viable options and solutions
  • Superior Level Client Service – We give senior level attention, total confidentiality and complete trust in all our transactions. Our senior partners will be actively engaged in every structuring assignment and will work closely with the clients’ management team and board of directors.
  • Value Added – We maximize value to our clients by offering detailed analyses and thoughtful advice with respect to housing finance business and restructuring alternatives. Our process will centre on assisting clients identify and evaluate structural and financing options that they may not have considered. We commit to deliver innovative and effective structures to achieve our mandate.